we were children

Buliding our passion since


we were children

Buliding our passion since


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Building our passion

Your Website for Quality Car Models and Automobilia

At Moldearte, we design, create, and assemble elite miniatures of slot or static cars for collectors.
All our models are handcrafted piece by piece, including all details of the original model.
We differentiate ourselves by the quality and exclusivity of our products, and we guarantee it by manufacturing only limited and numbered series.

Do NOT collect more of those Chinese miniatures as everybody does – search for less quantity and more quality.

Collectors, slot car fans or people who are looking for a very special, original or CORPORATE gift – you will get what you need HERE at Moldearte


Revolution came 20 years ago with our photo engraving parts for model works such as Nimix (militaria), Lacalle (trains) and, specially FLY Car (slot and 1/43rd scale). Our fantastic Fiat coupé 1800, Ferrari Superfast came later.

Now on sale: Fiat/Seat cupé 16oo Montecarlo rally 1972, high-detail model (slot). Owner/driver Estanislao Reverter. LAST ITEMS on sale from 195/200 to 200/200. New model range will appear soon

This is such a perfect model, developed after 20 years of experience in modeling and design. Contents almost 100 parts (resin, photo-engraving, lamps, windows, chassis) and two complete decal sheets. Suitable as precision model kit or RTR. Instructions and info at Reverter driver website


We only work at YOUR order. All hand-made

Our slot cars are sold in limited and numbered editions.

All models have a special story

We may build your models in custom style with transkits or accesories that make them different

Crazy about kits (cars, bikes, ships…) but do not have time enough to build’em up?

We build, paint and repair every detail for you to be proud about your collection.

We work in any model from 1/43rd, to big scales. Resin, pewter, brass, plastic, leather…

Does not mind if work is hard; we have time to finish models four your pleasure.


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